Welcome to the
The Third Organization Development World Summit (ODWS 2021)

Thank you for your interest in participating and being part of The 3rd Organization Development World Summit (ODWS 2021). The theme of the summit – as you know by now – is “BREAKPOINTS AND BEYOND” and in the 3 days we’ll spend together, we will deal with this topic under 3 headings “People – Positivity – Possibility”.  In the following pages, we’d like to share now with You our thinking behind the agenda and outline the overall structure of the 3 days ahead of us.

So how Did We Create The AGENDA?

Well, our number one priority was to PROVIDE THE SAME JET LAG EXPERIENCE global conferences do, when you travel through multiple time zones. And now that we will all check-in from our own home countries, this is not going to be easy indeed.

When you travel across time zones, your body’s “internal clock” needs to adjust to the new sleep and wake cycles at your destination. But how can we ensure this effect kicks in NOW THAT BEING PRESENT WILL NOT REQUIRE TRAVELLING?

On A More Serious Note - Our VISION

Have you ever organized a cross-continental call, let alone a 3-day global event? And have you been successful in making sure everybody is in the room who needs to be there? If not or not yet, then PLAY A BIT WITH THE TIME ZONE CONVERTER here: Time Zone Converter

It’s not going to be easy, and we know it takes commitment from all those attending, but WE DO WANT TO HAVE EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM WHO FEELS PART OF OUR GLOBAL OD COMMUNITY, and when we are together, WE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE SURE EVERYBODY IS ACTIVE AND FULLY PRESENT, despite the barrier technology can create in our conversations.

The Structure of Our AGENDA and The CORE TIME

Therefore in our design – thanks to the outstanding flexibility of our Thai Friends, Colleagues, and Hosts – we have defined A 3-HOUR LONG TIMESLOT THAT WE NOW CALL OUR “CORE TIME”. The CORE-TIME is going to take place each day IN THE EVENING HOURS IN BANGKOK – BETWEEN 7 PM and 10 PM.
So if you can’t dedicate more than 3 uninterrupted hours per day to being with us, MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS THE CORE TIME with our Opening, Award, and Closing Ceremonies, the keynotes of our outstanding Inspirational Guests, our Global Dialogue on the Future of OD, plus the unforgettable Cultural Moments our hosts are already preparing for us as we speak.

And do note that OUR “COFFEE BREAKS” ARE LONG, and they are long for two reasons. One – in a virtual gathering at some point, we will all need TO RELAX and DISCONNECT from our screens. Two – if you want to HANG OUT WITH PEOPLE you’ve met during the summit, this is the time to MAKE IT HAPPEN BY BEING AROUND AND REACHING OUT TO OTHERS.

And About Our PRE-CORE and POST-CORE Concurrent Sessions

In these timeslots filled with Concurrent Sessions, you are free to CHOOSE FROM A MENU OF GREAT OPTIONS and WE WELCOME YOU TO GO CREATIVE AS WELL IN USING THE OPPORTUNITY AND THE VIRTUAL SPACE this global gathering provides to let your voice be heard and to make your own local and/or global initiatives known to others.

In the PRE-CORE part, we will have more sessions from ASIA and AUSTRALIA, while in the POST-CORE timeslot we will hear more from our colleagues from NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA, but expect presentations from EUROPE and AFRICA too throughout the whole program. And despite the time zone difficulties YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND AS MANY SESSIONS AS YOU CAN.

Finally – as we all know that it is just hard to choose from a menu of great programs – our CONCURRENT SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED, so all registered participants of the 2021 OD World Summit will be able to have a look at what happened in the parallel sessions they could not attend live and in person after the summit has officially and successfully ended.

Note: The request for proposals has already closed since AUGUST 15, 2021. Presenters need to register as participants /delegates in the ODWS2021.

Please contact us for any inquiries. contact info@odws2021.com Thank you.